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technologies.  Please visit their websites for further information.
                                Fiber Optic Tools from DIAMOND USA                     
                                   ZEUS Fusion Field Termination Kit  

Diamond's ZEUS D50 Fusion Field termination kit provides fast, easy, and high
performance field terminations on both SM and MM fiber (250 & 900 µm) and cable 2.1
to 3.1 mm. The key to this system is DIAMOND's advanced "crocodile Alberino" field
fusion ferrule assembly. The ferrule assembly, which is available in both PC and APC
versions, provides a factory polished end face for low insertion loss and back reflection,
as well as splice protection features. The fusion splice is performed and protected within
the ferrule assembly eliminating the need for expensive and bulky splice housing, trays,
holders, protectors, and fiber management.


  Comprehensive fiber/cable preparation and splicing tool kit
                                 A new splicer offering:
  • Pre-splice fiber cleaning function - Adjustable arc-power
  • One touch operation - Precision "V-groove" alignment
  • Pre-programmed parameter for both MM & SM fibers
  • Integrated fiber retention check
  • Ferrule assembly closing directly onto fusion splicer eliminates the need for
    special tools
  • Fast and easy replacement of electrode and single component "V-groove" .  
    No need for cleaning during field use
  • Rechargeable battery

All necessary tools included for assembly of connector housings onto "Alberino"
standard ferrule assembly.
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G-TEK ELECTRONICS is most pleased to introduce the latest innovation from


In addition to their ultra flexible STFOC (Strong Tether Fiber Optic Cable) Linden
introduces their Lindex multiple use cleaning materials.  Lindex cleaning materials offer
the following advantages...

  • Dry Adhesive works with or without solvents
  • No Cross Contamination during use
10 times the cleaning power of existing materials
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Product Profiler
G-TEK ELECTRONICS invites our customers to visit Cicoil's latest website tool for
quick cable assemble construction called CABLE CONFIGURATOR.


                           CICOIL CORPORATION

Cicoil, a leader in the manufacture of ultra flexible  silicone cabling, now has the ideal on line
engineering tool to instantly construct assemblies with multiple conductor sizes, types, and
configurations in real time.

Throughout Cicoil's fifty year history, the Company's high performance cables have performed in
thousands of demanding, mission-critical applications. From the Space Shuttle, to the F-15 fighter
jet, to high performance semiconductor equipment, engineers have relied on Cicoil for
performance, quality and durability. In addition to providing high quality and reliability, Cicoil's
unique silicone-encased flat cables provide the ultimate in flexibility and compact packaging.
IEH Corporation has updated its website to include the company's latest
interconnect product additions and a video explaining the construction and
benefits of the Hyperboloid Socket Contact in critical applications.

IEH Corporation

IEH's Hyperboloid Socket Contact is designed to withstand the most severe shock and
vibration environments and provide extremely low insertion forces in even the highest
density of contact positons.  The Hyperboloid wire basket in each IEH socket contact
also ensures low contact resistance and multiple mating cycles of 100,000 matings.

  • Immunity to Shock and Vibration
  • 100,000 mating cycles
  • Extremely low insertion forces
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